My former bullies pay extra to come backstage and meet me after shows, and I pretend not to know them in front of their friends. It is the most divine pleasure to exact the revenge of the brutalized child that lies within.
— Margaret Cho

episode 1: Grace parra


On the first episode of bully proof, hosts Sofia Gonzalez and Tess Paras are joined by comedienne and activist Grace Parra (The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore) as she describes growing up in Texas, playing the recorder, and how to gracefully end relationships. 

episode 2: hayley marie normaN


in episode two, Hayley Marie Norman (Alone Together, Living Biblically) discusses what it's like to have grown up bi-racial in the suburbs of Los Angeles, who she really feels sorry for in the Roseanne fallout, and how she's stood up for herself in real life and Yelp.

EPISODE 3: Gabrielle Ruiz 


in episode three, Gabrielle Ruiz (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Broadway’s In The Heights, IF/THEN, Evita) discusses protecting yourself while engaging on social media, ballet class bullies, manipulative cheer squad mean girls, sororities, and having a strong mom.

episode 4: Nick Casalini


Nick Casalini (Co-host of the “Hella In Your 30s” podcast, Co-creator of “Fam Club” web series) joins Tess and Sofia as their first bully! We discuss what “punking” is, high school with Macklemore, nostalgia for “Yo mama” jokes, the satisfaction of getting a reaction.

minisode 1: "you guys are such nerds"


Tess and Sofia re-cap the lessons they’ve learned on this podcast adventure thus far: the definitions of bullying, Tess unpacks how she’s sometimes perceived as cold, Sofia explains how she’s reluctantly dulled her “sparkle,” and they both talk about how they were each “cool once.”

episode 5: jake matthews


Jake Matthews (Wisdom of the Crowd, Bosch) comes by to talk about his life: getting in fights, being an unapologetic weirdo, having a pet pig, and other complex stuff!

episode 6: JIMMY FOWLIE


Actor and Comedian Jimmy Fowlie (Two Broke Girls, Go-Go Boy Interrupted, The Comeback) drops by to divulge the dirt on the old days of the CBS Diversity Showcase, growing up a feminine guy in Bedford, Massachusetts, the messiness of gender identity, and loving yourself.

episode 7: Celia Finkelstein


Writer and Actor Celia Finkelstein (For the People, Angie Tribeca, You’re the Worst) shares her stories about growing up in Pensacola, how arts education shared her life, Les Miserables fandom, depression and anxiety, tools to cope with the horrors of this current political administration, and we somehow end up talking about Terrace House and Bachelor in Paradise.