tess and sofia - bully proof


What is bully proof?

With the Bully Proof podcast, Sofia Gonzalez and Tess Paras take a funny, heartfelt approach to discussing those times in life that  folks were put down, mocked, and teased so much that it felt like it would ruin their whole existence. The duo interviews comedic personalities and asks them to share their vivid bullying stories… Did you have an fear-inducing nemesis in elementary school? Were you a beta in a sea full of alphas in college? Sure, it will be a lot of middle school stories but, hey, we all know this ish could have happened last week in the office, at the dinner table, or in our own heads!

Our goal is to exchange fun stories and focus on the lessons learned rather than being a "drag their name" session. We hope to explore how these difficult times can be our greatest teachers and offer anecdotal guidance on navigating crappy people throughout the different stages of our lives.

If at a dinner party someone told a horror story (in a funny way of course) about their worst bully, we all know everyone could jump in with their own story. This podcast is that dinner party.


Sometimes in life you don’t always feel like a winner, but that doesn’t mean you’re not a winner.

- Lady Gaga